The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings at Kingsbury Sports & Community Centre (KSCC).


There are currently hand sanitizers around the centre to assist with anti-COVID measures.


• The whole of the building and outside areas are no smoking zones.

Alcohol, drugs (including legal “highs”), illegal substances, explosives and fireworks (including “Indoor Fireworks”):

• The premises are not licenced for the sale of alcohol. Alcohol in any form may not be sold on the premises.

• Drugs of any description (unless prescribed by a registered physician), explosives and fireworks are banned from the premises, which includes the car parking area and the areas to the front, sides and rear of the buildings.

• The storage or use of inflammable and/or hazardous chemicals on the premises or within its curtilage is prohibited. COSHH regulations apply in respect of any and all items brought onto the premises.

Liability for premises:

• Hirers (both individual and group) are responsible for the premises whilst they are in occupation of all or part of the premises.

• Hirers should obtain suitable liability insurance which includes an indemnity to KSCC for any damage to the premises, facilities and equipment howsoever caused together with any consequent KSCC financial losses.

• Any damage must be immediately notified to the KSCC Management Committee.

• The Trustees have the right to inspect hirers Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Hirers Property:

• Any equipment and personal possessions brought onto the premises are at the hirers/owners sole risk. Any equipment or belongings left on the premises without the Trustees permission may be removed without notice and disposal costs charged to the hirer.

• Hirers and owners of property left on site should seek their own insurance for such property.

Occupation of premises:

• The occupation commences when physical access is granted by KSCC and will end when the premises are vacated and secured or handed over to another hirer. This will usually be the time period that the premises are on hire, but may not be restricted to such a period should circumstances dictate.


• Incidental music may be used between the hours of 08.00 and 23.00, but at a sound level which does not disturb our neighbours. It is the hirers’ responsibility to determine whether a PRS is required for their event and any breach of copyright/performance rights will be the hirers’ sole responsibility. KSCC does not permit events when the sale of tickets (either in advance or on-the-door) is for the performance of music, either pre-recorded or otherwise.


• Games of chance involving betting, unlicensed lotteries or gaming machines are strictly prohibited.

Proscripted Organisations:

• Bookings will not be accepted from such organisations, their representatives or their members in any circumstances.


• Whist KSCC operates a comprehensive safeguarding policy and procedure; it is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that they comply with their own safeguarding policies at all times, if young people and vulnerable adults attend their meetings/events at KSCC.

• The Trustees reserve the right to be provided with copies of the Hirers safeguarding policies, on demand.

Fire Safety and evacuation procedures:

• Hirers are under a legal obligation to ensure that they are fully aware of the fire safety and prevention policy and evacuation procedures.

• Fire extinguishers and emergency exits are clearly marked, and Hirers should familiarise themselves with them.

Regulated Activities:

• Some activities are subject to Local Authority approvals, and the Hirer is required to provide a copy of any such licence or approval certificate, together with a suitable Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Motor vehicles:

• The car parks are public access areas and not the responsibility of KSCC. Vehicles parked adjacent to the premises are solely at the vehicle owners/users risk regardless as to whether the vehicle occupant(s) is visiting KSCC.

Use of the Kitchen and Halls:

• There will be an extra charge of £6 for the use of kitchen facilities. There will also be a cleaning deposit of £30 refundable as long as the kitchen and hired areas are returned in a clean condition and no items are missing or damaged.

• Specialist groups/activities may require a higher cleaning deposit. This will be advised at the time of booking.

• Any excess rubbish or waste generated must be removed from the centre.


Single Bookings:

• Hire fees are payable at the time of booking. It is the hirers’ responsibility that any cancellation is notified to Ian on 07973 444975

• Refunds are on the following basis:

• Cancellation notice of more than one calendar month prior to the event – 100% refund.

• Cancellation notice of less than one calendar month but more than 14 days (exclusive) prior to the event – 50% refund.

• Cancellation notice of less than 14 days but more than 7 days (exclusive) prior to the event – 25% refund.

• Cancellation notice of 7 days or less – 0% refund.

Multiple Bookings:

• Hire fees for multiple bookings fall due on the issue of an invoice by KSCC, usually on a monthly basis.

• The cancellation of one event in a series, more than 7 days in advance – refund/credit 75%.

• Cancellation of the series of bookings requires 1 calendar months’ notice, without which invoices will continue to be issued and will be payable until proper notice of cancellation is received.

• The KSCC Trustees have the authority to vary the cancellation conditions, subject to the circumstances leading to the cancellation(s).